MSSIAH Cartridge - MIDI Hardware and Software for the Commodore 64!

Commodore 64

MSSIAH is a peripheral unit and needs a fully working Commodore 64 to run. Check your local classifieds.

MSSIAH runs on all C64 versions including the Commodore 128 and SX-64. Make sure you have a fully working power supply unit, later models are recommended.

User Manuals

The manuals cover everything there is to know about MSSIAH's applications as well as starting up and handling the cartridge properly (Getting Started) and troubleshoot possible errors you might encounter with your old equipment (related to running MSSIAH).

MSSIAH - Getting Started
MSSIAH - Troubleshooting

MSSIAH Sequencer User Manual
MSSIAH Mono Synthesizer User Manual
MSSIAH Bassline User Manual
MSSIAH Drummer User Manual
MSSIAH Wave-Player User Manual

Savyour User Manual

SID2SID Installation Guide shows how to assemble and install the SID2SID circuit board.

SID2SID Installation Guide

User Forum

The user forum lets you interact with many other MSSIAH users and initiated C64 freaks with lots of valuable knowledge.

The forum is run by a third party, not ourselves.
Note that signing up is a delayed process so it may take a while before you can start posting.

Visit the MSSIAH User Forum

More Audio Voices

MSSIAH supports two audio circuits instead of just the standard one that your Commodore 64 has by default.
That means with an extra audio chip in your C64 you have three extra voices or three extra parts in multi-timbral operation.

To install an additional audio chip our SID2SID Circuit Board is a neat way to house it inside your computer.

You buy the SID2SID in our online store together with the MSSIAH Cartridge.

Read more about the SID2SID

Component Kits for the SID2SID are available at Shareware PLUS