Savyour is a USB save/load device, disk drive emulator and mouse/joystick interface all in one. It allows you to use modern USB devices with your old Commodore computer.

Savyour targets MSSIAH users, retro gamers and 8-bit enthusiasts who want to use modern peripherals with their beloved Commodores.
  • Plugs into the joystick port
  • No power adapter needed
  • No LCD screen needed

Commodore 1541 Disk Drive Emulator
  • Saves and loads PRG files onto USB memory sticks
  • Full 1541 disk drive emulator for D64 files
  • Automatic disk change system when running multidisk demos/games
  • Built in directory viewer/loader program for ease of use
(6 pin serial cable is required to use Savyour as a disk drive)

Mouse Interface
  • Converts USB mice to Commodore 1351 proportional mouse (NTSC and PAL)
  • Converts USB mice to Amiga/Atari ST mouse protocol
  • Fit for MSSIAH and other mouse intense applications

Joystick Interface
  • Converts USB joysticks, keyboards and Playstation USB controllers to C64/Amiga/Atari
  • Autofire with two selectable speeds
  • Auto-wiggle left/right, up/down with selectable speeds (keyboard only)

Bonus Feature for Modders
  • Full keyboard interface to replace your C64’s main keyboard
    (requires modification of Savyour and your C64)

Serial Cable is needed to use Savyour as a disk drive. It is not included and needs to be purchased (or built) separately, we do not carry them at the moment.
The cable should have a 6 pin DIN male to male connector and goes between the top of Savyour and the C64's serial port. It's the same cable used for old 1541 diskdrives.