How To Order
Use our online order form at to order our products.
Enter amount of products, your full name, country, full shipping address, contact email address and payment method.
The form automatically updates the total price and the mandatory sections to fill in.
Clicking 'Next' validates the form and opens a dialog box. Verify your order, address and read/accept the sales terms. To change the information simply close the popup dialog and edit your information.
Click 'Place Order' to confirm and store your order in our ordering system. After that we will process your order and email the payment details. Meanwhile check your email for a copy of your order and once again double check your address. Contact us immediately if you notice anything missing.
IMPORTANT! Make sure to add our domain to your email client's spam filter's safe list. If our messages are stuck in your spam filter or junk folder we will not be able to communicate with you!
We accept these forms of payment:
Credit Card / Paypal
Credit card payments are handled by PayPal.
We email a bill with a link to PayPal. Click the link and make the payment with either your PayPal account or with your credit card directly.
If you choose Paypal and submit your PayPal email address the bill will be emailed to that address.

For PayPal users: Please do not send any money without submitting an order. Do not send money before an email bill has arrived.

Bank Wire Transfer
If you wish to pay by wiring the money to our bank account, choose the Bank Wire Transfer option. In that case your total price is a little less (no PayPal fees) but wire transfers in some countries are quite costly. What is important too, to avoid unnecessary additional payments, is to make sure that you cover all possible expenses your bank might charge.
When wiring, include your name and country in the message field so that we can identify your payment. International transfers may take up to 7 days.

- To avoid unnecessary additional transfers, make sure to make the payment in the correct currency which is EURO, not Dollar! -
All shipments are sent using registered mail service handled by your local post carrier. The package is insured and fully refundable if lost.
Shipping normally takes 1 week within Europe and up to 2 weeks outside Europe. At times packages may be delayed and take up to 4 weeks.
Registered mail may have to be signed for when delivered at the door or picked up at your post office. Some local carriers leave a note, others don't. Check with your local post office if the package has not arrived within 2 weeks, then get back to us and we can initiate a search and assist you with information. Sometimes checking with the next office up the delivery chain yields better results since they normally have better resources to track it than smaller local subsidiaries.
Uncalled packages are returned to sender usually within two weeks. Some countries may apply longer or shorter times. We will charge you an additional shipping and transfer fee before a second dispatch.
Shipping is discounted for 3 or more MSSIAH Cartridges and Savyours.
Privacy Policy
To handle your order and to communicate with you regarding your order we need to collect some personal data when you place a new order on our site. Placing an order requires your consent for us to collect your personal data.
Personal data collected is your name, address, email and (optionally) email to your PayPal account. No other identifier, such as IP address, is collected.
No cookies or any other methods tracking your site usage or behaviour are used on our site. The online contact form installs a cookie via third party provider MTCaptcha to verify you are not a spambot. You need to actively give consent for the cookie to be installed.
No account is created on our site when ordering.
Your name, address and country information is passed on to our carrier Postnord in order for them to fulfill the shipment. Shipping id is passed onto every carrier needed to ship the product to your door. Your name and address is printed on the shipping label. Other than shipping carrier we do not share or sell your information to third parties.
We do not send you newsletters or marketing email.
Your personal information is deleted twelve months after shipping date unless needed longer to fulfill our part of the purchase agreement. In case your order is canceled the information is deleted immediately. In case your order is placed but never paid it will be deleted six months after creation date.
Postnord deletes information about your name and address after ten months.
Credit card/PayPal payment information is separated from our site, completely handled by PayPal Holdings Inc. PayPal bills are sent via email linking the PayPal credit card/account processing page. has in no way access to your credit card number.
Sales Terms
The buyer of the MSSIAH Cartridge, SID2SID circuit board and Savyour USB Converter is purchasing a product designed for a computer no longer manufactured nor carried by distributors.
The buyer is to be aware of that though all units are carefully quality checked before shipping, the providing party cannot guarantee a proper functioning of its products due to the buyer's platform where errors because of age, malfunctioning circuits and/or other factors may occur.
In order to run the software the buyer must have a fully working C64 computer and power supply unit that delivers enough power.

It is important to understand the requirements and handling instructions which is listed in these booklets:

 MSSIAH - Getting Started
 MSSIAH - Troubleshooting shall in no event be liable for any loss of data or damage to either machine and/or the product after running the software.
Our products are professionally manufactured with software and content under copyright by
The owner of our products must find the information needed on how to use the software him/herself. There are no support functions or training sessions. Manuals are available on our website. preserves the right to change these terms, the product price and/or the software provided at any given time without further notice. takes no resposibility in parcels getting delayed by the post authorities or returned/lost parcels because of wrong shipping address, unavailable recipient or negligence to pick up the package within time.
The customer will be charged an additional shipping and transfer fee in order for a returned parcel to be dispatched a second time. Damaged parcels are to be reported to your local post office immediately.
Lost parcels are refundable. We do not initiate a tracking unless parcel is delayed more than 14 days from shipping date.
A tracking process/investigation normally takes 30 days or more. If package is not located when the investigation is closed, another product is dispatched or money is refunded.

The product is shipped from Sweden, Europe. The customer is responsible for any possible import taxes or duties.

The MSSIAH Cartridge and Savyour are covered by a one year warranty. All units are tested by multiple stations prior to shipping to prevent dead-on-arrival. Should the cartridge not start up properly once arrived or Savyour not behave as expected, consult the manuals:

 MSSIAH - Troubleshooting
 Savyour User Manual

and make sure your system meets the requirements to run the product (test it with another computer and power supply unit).
A returned product that turns out to function properly in our test machines will result in additional shipping and transfer fees charges before the unit is returned to the customer.
SID2SID warranty is voided once the unit is altered.
Return Policy
A return is to be made within two weeks from the date the package has arrived.
We will deduct the initial shipping cost and any possible transfer fees when returning your money as we receive the returned product. You must cover the return shipping costs. Lost parcels are not refunded, use a mail service with a tracking id.
Money can be returned via Paypal or Wire transfer.
Do not return any package without first getting a return identification number from us.

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