is a 1.8 x 1.6 inch manufactured circuit board that offers a cheap and neat solution if you wish to add a second audio chip to your Commodore 64. All you need is some wires, audio jack and a soldering iron.
With a second SID (C64 audio circuit) in your computer you get the following advantages with the MSSIAH Cartridge:

  • 6 tracks or 6 voices of polyphony with the Sequencer and Drummer apps
  • One extra audio output to route samples in Wave-Player
  • Stereo by doubling the output in Mono Synthesizer and Bassline apps

Assembling the circuit board is simple if you have basic soldering skills. The installation guide shows the whole process with pictures and explanations.

The SID2SID is designed to fit into all Commodore 64 motherboards including the C128.

SIDs are not included.